SUTD Diving

At SUTDiving, we aim to promote scuba diving as a sport in a safe yet fun environment, and the importance of protecting our oceans.

I was the acting club president from 2019-2021, and helped to organise diving trips at least once every term, and have Marine Life Conservation Booths to raise awareness of climate issues.

Our Events

Some of the key events we held

Marine Life Exhibit

One of our club's mission is to raise awareness of the importance of marine life conservation. To do so, we hold termly weekly Marine Life Exhibits within the SUTD compound, discussing about a particular topic each time. The club will research and design engaging posters which are put up around the school, and create exclusive merchandise for the students.

As the class president, I was in charge of planning and coordinating the entire event. Some of my key responsibilities included booking the needed locations, liasing the printing of our merchandise, and coordinated with the different members. Below are some of the postcards I designed for our exhibit about coral reefs.

Diving Trips

I have since conducted 3 successful diving trips to both Tioman and Bali with the help of my executive committee thus far. We were responsible for liasing with the external dive vendor to ensure proper equipment and lodging was provided, making sure our participants were safe and comfortable at all times.

Organising these dive trips really got me to step out of my comfort zone. Although I have had experience on similar diving trips before, being the leader and organiser of the trip was more complicated than I thought. I had to ensure the dive vendor's safety procedures were up to standard, plan the trip dates, publicise the event and ensure the trip is conducted smoothly. It was important for me to be organised, and be firm in my instructions to keep the participants in check. I was also lucky to have the previous club president around to teach me the ropes - without his help, managing the club would be incredibly hard for me.