My Role

I was a key designer that helped craft the design direction and vision for Zoff's e-commerce site.


4 months


Service Design, UI/UX Design, Design Systems, Customer Journey Mapping, Prototyping

The Project

An introduction of the client and our deliverables

High-level Summary

Zoff is a popular Japanese Eyewear company that offers a large variety of Japan quality eyewear at an affordable price.

Accenture was hired as Service Design consultants to help Zoff explore how they can create a transformative and innovative shopping experience for customers in South East Asia, both online and at physical stores.

Our Deliverables

Together with other designers and technical consultants, we had the following responsibilities:

1 Research and synthesise pain points and gaps of Zoff customers
2 Create Service Design concepts that tackle the pain points
3 Explore and come up with the Design Direction for Zoff's e-commerce site
4 Create and prototype the look and feel for Zoff's e-commerce site

My Role and Contributions

For this project, I was a key designer that helped to spearhead the design process for the other designers. Some of my main responsibilities include:

  • Created the visuals for the Customer Journey Map as part of the deliverables to the client.
  • Collaborated with the Design and Technology teams to understand the product's functional requirements especially due to timeline constraints, and designed multiple iterations to cater to the different deliverable deadlines.
  • Lead the developement, documentation and adherence of a comprehensive set of design guidelines, principles, and standards that define the visual language of the system.

Design Discovery

The initial research and synthesising our findings

Creating the User Personas

After conducting 30 interviews with people who wear glasses and conducting competitor analysis at physical stores in the different countries, we synthesised our findings to identify existing mindsets and mental models of eyewear shoppers. From this, we could then create the User Personas and come up with key opportunity areas.

The Service Design Concepts

With our user personas created, we then created an As-is customer journey to map out key opportunity areas, coming up with several Service Design concepts. We then further narrowed down to the following 5 main concepts to be adopted.

The Customer Journey Map

After creating the Service Design Concepts, we wrapped up the Discovery Phase by creating the envisioned Customer Journey Map for a customer at Zoff, incorporating the touch points of the various User Personas and the Service Design Concepts.

Design Direction

Converging on a new Zoff Identity

Ingredient Boards

To help the client understand the evolving visual design direction, we presented 3 different directions the brand could take in the digital world. This would establish the overall mood, direction and provide a set of high-level design principles that serve as a starting point to develop the screens.

Each ingredient board contains components and elements that can help differentiate Zoff from their competitors and promote a unique brand identity Zoff can pursue.

Final Direction

We then evaluated the best design direction Zoff should pursue, which was to be a combination of the 2nd and 3rd explored Design Directions. With this in mind, the designers could then design and prototype the screens for the future e-commerce site of Zoff!


Some key screens I helped design

As part of the key deliverables of the project, the team had to create a high-fidelity, functional prototype to help the clients better envision the look and feel of Zoff's new digital identity! We created prototypes for both the desktop and mobile versions, incorporating our various Service Design concepts into the flows as well.

Landing Flow

Lenses Flow

Virtual Try On Flow

Staff Pick

Photo Try On